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Today I want to share with you how to distinguish the true and false of malachite. Malachite has a very long history because of its beautiful and unique colors and textures, which contain the color of beauty and mystery. So how to distinguish the authenticity of many malachite bracelets or malachite carvings on the market? How should the grade of malachite be divided? And how should malachite be cared for? next let's followDerong CollectionLet's watch it together!

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What is Malachite?

Malachite is an ancient gemstone and jade composed of basic copper carbonate. It was called "green green" and "stone green" in ancient China, and it got its name because the color is particularly similar to the feather color on the peacock's tail. There are dark green and royal blue and other colors. Malachite often coexists with other copper-containing minerals, such as azurite, chalcocite, cuprite and natural copper, etc. Malachite is mostly in the form of stalactites, massive, shell-like, nodular and fibrous aggregates . Because of its unique texture and bright colors, malachite has unique collection value and decorative effect, so it is loved by people.

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Actual shooting of TIBUKKYO Derong Collection|Comparison of real and fake malachite in color and texture

How to identify true and false malachite?

Because the hardness of malachite is relatively low compared with other ores, this also leads to relatively low yield and high price when grinding beads. And most consumers prefer "flawless" objects, which has led many merchants to start manufacturing products that imitate malachite patterns. The common ones are fake malachite made of plastic injection molding. Here I will introduce how to distinguish the true and false of malachite:

(1) View from the texture:

The texture of each kind of ore cannot be the same in two, especially the texture of malachite is very diverse, with radial and center-shaped textures. If you see many "white" lines in the texture of malachite, and the texture trend is very dull, you should be careful whether it is an imitation malachite.

(2) View from the color:

The lines and lines of natural malachite are naturally changeable, and at the same time, the gradient of color will also show the effect of different levels of depth, and the lines of green and lines will also have gradient colors. On the contrary, artificial malachite lines will be very rigid, with little color change. Most of them only have green and white (white is artificially painted)

(3) Distinguish the true and false of malachite by weight:

The density of natural malachite will definitely be higher than that of counterfeit malachite, and its weight is the same as that of ordinary ore. It will have a certain sense of weight in the hand. In contrast, artificial malachite will not only be lighter in weight, but alsoLack of cool feeling of ore.

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Taiwan Derong Collection|Raw undyed obsidian 8mm hand beads|Raw undyed malachite|Xiuyu pendant

How to maintain malachite? What should be paid attention to when wearing malachite?

(1) Wear malachite to minimize strong collisions

Due to its own mineral properties, malachite should pay attention to some details when wearing malachite, such as reducingstrong collision, because the hardness of malachite is relatively weak, it is difficult to withstand strong collisions, which may cause damage to the malachite spar and even fragmentation. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the malachite to avoid collision with hard objects during sports or housework.

(2) When wearing malachite, minimize the encounter with strong acid and alkali substances

Malachite is the same as giant clam, so care should be taken as much as possibleAvoid strong acids and bases. Because the surface of malachite is easily corroded by acid and alkali chemicals, chemical detergents related to malachite should be avoided. It is recommended to avoid wearing malachite when exercising or sweating a lot. Although slight sweat will not do much damage to malachite, in the long run, a lot of sweat will easily affect the luster of the surface of malachite.

(3) Malachite avoids high temperature environment

Malachite and tiger's eye have the same characteristics, and the color of malachite is likely to change and lose its original luster in a long-term high-temperature environment. This is also the same as the maintenance of lapis lazuli. Try to avoid long-term high temperature environment so that the color of malachite can maintain a certain luster. Therefore, you should pay attention when wearing malachite outdoors.Try to avoid direct sun exposureenvironment of.

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