How to play with Nepalese water hyacinth bodhi? How to maintain water hyacinth bodhi seeds?

Hello everyone, this is the collection of TIBUKKYO Derong. Today I want to talk to you about how to maintain the orthodox water hyacinth in Nepal. In the last article "What is the Illustrated Hyacinth Bodhi? How to choose water hyacinth bodhi seeds》We introduced how to identify the origin of water hyacinth bodhi seeds. What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of water hyacinth and Bodhi? This article will introduce to you the method of playing water hyacinth bodhi and the common mistakes that are easy to make.

Common misunderstandings when playing with water hyacinth and bodhi:

The more sweaty hands when playing water hyacinth, the better: Many people often think that water hyacinth likes to sweat when playing water hyacinth, so when playing water hyacinth, they think that the more sweaty hands, the better , although water hyacinth is easy to color, but in order to get a beautiful color, be careful not to seek quickness, and go too far, which will cause water hyacinth to turn black.

Water hyacinth needs every day, hour and time: In fact, water hyacinth needs the secret of 3 points and 7 points when playing. Water hyacinth takes time to oxidize, so that it can easily absorb the oil covered on the hands, so that the color of the patina of water hyacinth will not be stained with dirt on the hands.

Water hyacinth needs to be painted with a brush: As for whether water hyacinth can be painted with a brush, in fact, the lines of natural Nepalese water hyacinth are not as magical as Vajra Bodhi, and it is not easy to get dirty. Therefore, it is not suitable to use a steel brush with a relatively hard material for brushing, which will destroy the texture of the natural water hyacinth bodhi surface. Occasionally use a softer brush to clean it up.

Hyacinth can be immersed in water: Bodhi seeds have a characteristic, try not to immerse in water, or be splashed by water for a long time. Because bodhi seeds are the seeds of plants. If it is not fully air-dried when exposed to water, it is easy to mold.

Why is the water hyacinth bodhi black?

1. Too long time in pan: If you find that the water hyacinth in your hand changes color quickly, but the overall color is black at the same time, you should pay attention to whether it is too long to wear the pan, which makes a lot of oil in your hand Attached to the phoenix eye. A small amount of sweat will help the water hyacinth to change color, starting from the yellow skin and turning red, and it will start to shine over time. This is a series of color changing processes of water hyacinth.

2. Whether there are yin seeds in the seeds: yin seeds refer to the state in which immature water hyacinths or overripe water hyacinths are more likely to occur. This kind of water hyacinth is more likely to have dark eyes. If black seeds are found before hand playing, pay attention to observation. Sometimes, after playing with the hand, it is possible to cover up the blackening of the genitals.

How to choose water hyacinth?

Check for dark eyes

Observe the origin of water hyacinth bodhi,How to distinguish the leather color of Nepal's orthodox water hyacinth Bodhi?

Where can I buy the orthodox water hyacinth in Nepal?

Common F&Qs about Water Hyacinth Bodhi

What is water hyacinth?

Phoenix Eye Bodhi, one of the "Four Great Bodhisattvas" in the Bodhi subworld. Because the eyes of the buds are like eyes, it is called "Phoenix-eyed Bodhi". In Tibetan Buddhism, Bodhi beads refer to the phoenix eye Bodhi beads. An article in "Esoteric Buddhism" says: "Purdhi bead can be used to practice all methods." It can be seen that the status of Bodhi in Buddhism is very high.

How to distinguish whether it is genuine or not?

Generally, the water hyacinth with the best quality is generally recognized on the market, and it is produced in Nepal. The advantages of Nepalese water hyacinth are clear skin texture and fast patina. In the early days of Nepal's water hyacinth, when people did not recognize Nepal's water hyacinth, they used the polished and grafted grass water hyacinth and wild jujube core to use the name of water hyacinth. For detailed identification articles, please refer to Derong Collection "What is the Illustrated Hyacinth Bodhi? How to choose water hyacinth bodhi seeds"

How to maintain water hyacinth?

There are two main points to remember when maintaining the water hyacinth bodhi: (1) When praying the water hyacinth bodhi, remember not to touch the water to avoid mildew when the water is not dry. (2) Do not contemplate for too long, remember three-point recitation and seven-point rest, a small amount of sweat will help the water hyacinth bodhi to change color, starting from yellow skin and turning red, and it will start to shine over time. The process of changing color of the hyacinth eye Bodhi series.

Where can I buy water hyacinth?

TIBUKKYO Derong CollectionIt is the first bodhi seed specialty store in Taiwan. The store is full of orthodox Nepalese water hyacinth bodhi seeds. The minimum size is fully matured 12mm, and there are also 14mm sizes. Welcome letter customization.