What is the Illustrated Hyacinth Bodhi? How to choose water hyacinth bodhi seeds

Hello everyone, this is the Tibukkyo Taiwan Derong collection. Today I will teach you how to measure the size of the water hyacinth. In the Wenwan market, the smaller the water hyacinth, the higher the price. There used to be 8mm phoenix eyes with six figures in the auction market. And how should the Phoenix Eye Bodhi choose?

Generally, the water hyacinth with the best quality is generally recognized in the market, and it is produced in Nepal. The advantages of Nepalese water hyacinth are clear skin texture and fast patina. As one of the "Four Great Bodhisattvas", the water hyacinth is the most respected in Nepal, also known as the orthodox water hyacinth. However, most of the fully ripe fruits of Nepal water hyacinth fall between 12-15mm. The water hyacinth bodhi with a size below 11mm has also been hyped into sky-high prices. Therefore, many people have used their brains to pick off the unripe fruit, resulting in many yin seeds in the water hyacinth itself.

Taiwan Derong Collection|Nepal Orthodox Hyacinth Bodhi 14mm108 pieces|White Jade Bodhi Root Lotus Root Pendant
Taiwan Derong Collection|Nepal Orthodox Hyacinth Bodhi 14mm108 pieces|White Jade Bodhi Root Lotus Root Pendant

How to distinguish the good and bad of water hyacinth?

You can check it out by following these steps:

1. Cortex: The cortex of Nepalese water hyacinth is the best and the density is the best in all places of origin, and the density and leather are the most critical factors that directly affect the final effect of the plate and the shell wrapping, which is why only The reason why the water hyacinth in Nepal can be read into a deep maroon color! The water hyacinths made in India will turn black, because only the water hyacinths from Nepal are the most authentic original species, and those from other regions are grafted and inoculated.

2. Size: As I said before, those under 11mm are fried varieties that are picked before they are ripe, but they are expensive. Ninety-nine percent of the normal mature water hyacinth seeds are 13-15 in size. Less than 12mm, less than 16mm

3. Seed size: Because the small water hyacinth is hyped to be very expensive, but the jujube seed is much smaller in size, and the price of some wild jujube seeds is slightly cheaper, so some people sell the wild jujube seed as water hyacinth. Eye specimens are not easy to be deceived.

4. Eye shape: good phoenix eyes, the eye shape should be straight, the eyeliner is clear, and the eyes are slightly raised (try not to be concave)

Common "fakes" on the market:

In the early days, when people didn’t realize the water hyacinth in Nepal, they often used the grass water hyacinth that was polished and grafted in the mountainous area and the wild jujube core to replace the water hyacinth. But these can be compared with the orthodox Nepalese water hyacinth Bodhi, and there are obvious differences.

Grafting water hyacinth

The skin color of grafted water hyacinth is more concave-convex. Although the skin color is similar to that of Nepal water hyacinth, the unevenness of the surface is not as smooth as that of Nepal water hyacinth.

Continental water hyacinth
Continental water hyacinth

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