Must-Know Amethyst Effects and Wearing Methods

Introduction to Amethyst

Amethyst is a purple spiritual crystal. Natural amethyst contains iron, manganese and other minerals to form a bright purple color. It is mainly divided into lavender, purple red, deep red, bright red, deep purple and other colors. For the best. Natural amethyst usually contains ice cracks and white clouds, which is a gem with great gem value.

On the market, crystals are divided into amethyst, white crystal, citrine and so on. Among them, citrine can be made by heating amethyst at high temperature to change color. Scholars speculate that amethyst began to crystallize about 40-60 million years after it was formed in the cave. The crystallization temperature of the minerals in the geode is about below 200 degrees Celsius, which can be described as a hard-won treasure of the earth.

The effect and symbol of amethyst

In the Five Elements Theory, amethyst is considered to be fire, which can "bring wealth because of its value". Many people also place amethyst caves at home to attract wealth, which is the main "wisdom" and "wealth". Amethyst also represents the "guardian stone of love" in Western countries, which can endow couples with deep love, chastity, honesty and courage.

Taiwan Derong Collection | Raw ore undyed amethyst bracelet 8mm
Taiwan Derong Collection | Raw ore undyed amethyst bracelet 8mm

Amethyst maintenance methods and taboos

  • glare:Amethyst is afraid of strong light, which can easily cause fading and lose its original luster, so it is not suitable for degaussing by sunlight. It is recommended that the degaussing method be used when the white crystal gravel is buried in the gravel.
  • collision:The hardness of amethyst is about 7-8, which is harder than glass, but it is still not suitable for strong impacts. It is recommended to take it off and store it for strenuous exercise.
  • Acid-base:All spars should try to avoid contact with acid and alkali, and wipe them as soon as possible if they encounter sweat.

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