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Beaded Wenwan knowledge|How to measure the hand circumference if there is no tape measure?

How to Measure Hand Circumference|Tape Measure Method

Hello everyone, this is the collection of Tibukkyo Derong. Today I want to show you how to measure the circumference of your hand if you don't have a tape measure. First of all, the most accurate way to measure the circumference of your hand is with a tape measure. Generally speaking, what we call hand circumference is the circumference around the wrist.

Generally, the way of wearing beads is different from that of wearing jade bracelets. The way to measure the hand circumference when wearing a jade bracelet generally refers to the width of the palm (because the size of the jade bracelet is fixed, it must be squeezed through the palm of the hand to put it in the hand), while the wearing of beads and beads is different. For beads, Derong will adopt two knotting methods, one is stretch knot, in this case, the hand circumference can be adjusted in a small part. The other is the elastic cord, which is more convenient to wear because of its stretching force. But the disadvantage is that it will need to change the line after a long time.

Telescoping Knot:

How to Measure Hand Circumference|The Cord Method

Take a piece of thread and wrap it around your wrist. Then use a ruler to measure the length of the rope, and you can get the hand circumference, but if you use this method, it is recommended to measure several times, the measurement result will be more accurate.

Measuring Hand Circumference Video Teaching

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