Taiwan Derong Collection|3A+ Xingyue Bodhi 7x9mm barrel beads 108 pieces|Gold obsidian beads|Six wooden safety buckles


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Tibukkyo Taiwan Derong Collection|3A+ Xingyue Bodhi 7x9mm Barrel Beads 108pcs
◎Accessories: Raw ore non-dyed gold obsidian beads|Seiko old materials full of flowers six-door wood safety buckle|Blue glazed Buddha head|Lapis lazuli spacer
◎Can be sent directly to Hong Kong, Macau/Singapore and Malaysia
◎"Tibetan phoenix eyes, Han Xingyue" Xingyue Bodhi is the four bright pearls in the bodhi world. 6mm is the minimum size of the moon and stars, and the eyes of the moon will be less obvious. In addition, there are also 8x6mm/8mm/7x9mm/10mm/12x8mm Xingyue welcome letter custom matching.

The maximum size of Hainan seeds is only 14MM. If it exceeds 14, it is not Hainan seeds, and the density is also very poor. 12 is considered a collection-level large size.

"Hidden phoenix eyes, Han Xingyue" Xingyue Bodhi is the four bright pearls in the Bodhi world, pursuing the feeling of bright moon and few stars, and stars holding the moon. And only Hainanseed can do this. Hainan seeds have the best density among the Xingyue grades, and the patina and slices are beautiful in color. It is a rare variety that is rarely seen.

In recent years, the annual production of Hainan seeds has been decreasing year by year. Most of the Xingyue seeds on the market are Laotian Xingyue and other varieties of Xingyue. The stars and moons that are really called Hainan seeds all come from the wild stars and moons of "Mao Sen". Commonly known as Maogan Xingyue, which is why it is famous.

Some people grow flowers and plants to enjoy themselves, and they can also "nourish their nature" by raising Bodhi. Bodhi seeds will change color and patina in their hands (this is Wenwan, please refer to the FB page of "Derong Collection")

Xingyue Bodhi seed is the seed of yellow vine, because each bead has a large point and many small points, like stars holding the moon, so it is called Xingyue Bodhi. Due to the length of wearing, the color and smoothness of bodhi seeds will also vary. If you wear it frequently, the color and smoothness of Xingyue Bodhi will become higher and higher, the color will gradually become deeper, and the whole will become more beautiful and even "jade". The Xingyue Bodhi Buddha beads not only have the profound meaning of achieving Bodhi, but also have the effect of warding off evil spirits. Wearing the Xingyue Buddha beads can increase wisdom and remove troubles. "Anle Collection 1" records: "Bodhi is the name of the supreme Buddha."

There are uniform black spots on the surface of the Buddha beads, and there is a concave circle in the middle, which looks like stars supporting the moon. Known as one of the "Four Famous Pearls" of Bodhi.


Xingyue has three grades – Yuanbao Seeds (Xingyue Bodhi)

The Xingyue Bodhi on the market is mainly divided into three grades. The top grade Yuanbao seeds, followed by Jin Chan seeds, and the last Mo Ni seeds

Ingot Seed Features:

Feature 1: high density

The density of the seed plate is more obvious when it comes out of the porcelain, the hanging porcelain and the coating are thick, and the aesthetic feeling is obvious. After a long time of wearing, it will turn yellow and become more lustrous. The seeds with low density are not obvious at first, but as time goes by, the luster is poor, the pieces are hard, and the seeds lose their soul.

Feature 2: Black is a point that is not connected into a line

The meaning of Xingyue Bodhi is like the stars dragging the moon, and the stars around the sky. Therefore, the black dots are dots rather than connecting lines

Feature 3: Durability


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