Taiwan Derong Collection|Natural Burmese Topaz Hand Beads 10mm Round Beads|South Red Agate Barrel Beads with Flame Pattern

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TIBUKKYO台灣德榕藏品|天然緬甸黃玉手珠 10mm圓珠

(Burmese yellow is a natural ore, and there may be local cracks on the surface)


◎Can be sent directly to Hong Kong, Macau/Singapore and Malaysia

◎North City welcomes face-to-face delivery and self-pickup, and can be customized for letters and collocations

The Burmese topaz dish will become patinaed after playing for a long time, and the color will become more moist, like beeswax. The color is soft, and the meat is even and delicate. The color of Burmese yellow ranges from light to deep, and can be divided into light yellow, light bright yellow, chicken oil yellow, bright yellow, orange yellow, and special Burmese red. The less impurities and the fuller the color, the higher the collection value.

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