Taiwan Derong Collection|Exquisite Persimmon Red South Red Agate Hand Bead 10mm|Full Color Full Meat|Tassel Style|Clam Buddha Head


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TIBUKKYO Taiwan Derong Collection|Exquisite Persimmon Red South Red Agate Beads 10mm|18 pieces

◎Accessories: Exquisite persimmons full of red color and flesh|Raw ore non-dyed moonstone|Tassels|Clam Buddha head

◎Can be sent directly to Hong Kong, Macau/Singapore and Malaysia

◎North City welcomes face-to-face delivery and self-pickup, and can be customized for letters and collocations

◎Nanhong is priced in grams, if you need more information, please write to LINE: @Lnx5359h

Southern red agate, known as "red jade" in ancient times, has a fine and oily texture. The red pearl (true pearl) in the seven treasures of Buddhism refers to the southern red agate. There are many kinds of Nanhong materials, and the main production areas are Baoshan Nanhong, Liangshan, and Jiukou. Although Baoshan is currently the most expensive in the market, the cracks in Baoshan are relatively obvious.

Therefore, Derong is made of Liangshan material, which has relatively few cracks, and the fine-quality persimmon red with full color and flesh is selected as the main color. According to the color, the price difference of Nanhong is also huge. If the full color is not full of flesh, it is flame pattern, and you can see the pattern of Nanhong. If the color is full of flesh, it is persimmon red, which has the highest collection value. It is colorless and meatless. item.

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