Taiwan Derong Collection|Raw ore non-dyed malachite hand beads 10mm|Cloisonne Xiangyun brass spacer beads


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TIBUKKYO Taiwan Derong Collection|Raw ore non-dyed malachite hand beads 10mm|Cloisonne auspicious cloud brass spacer beads
Accessories: Cloisonne Xiangyun Brass Beads|Tibetan Silver Beads

◎Can be sent directly to Hong Kong, Macau/Singapore and Malaysia
◎Malachite is an ancient jade material whose main component is basic copper carbonate. The English name of malachite is Malachite, which comes from the Greek word Mallache, which means "green". In ancient China, malachite was called "green green", "stone green" or "green langgan". Malachite got its beautiful name because of its color resemblance to the green spots on peacock feathers. Malachite is produced in the oxidation zone of copper sulfide deposits, and often coexists with other copper-bearing minerals (azurite, chalcocite, cuprite, natural copper, etc.).

Grade A: The color is darker, emerald green, black green and sky blue, with stripes and concentric ring patterns visible, dense structure, fine texture, high hardness and relative density.

Grade B: The color is light and emerald green, and the rings and stripes are often composed of pink and white and emerald green. Among them, the pink and white texture is softer, showing grooves, and the overall hardness is relatively high, and there are changes.

Derong Collection Encyclopedia-Synthetic Malachite:
As shown at the end of the picture, the top is man-made malachite, with rigid lines and no cold feeling to the touch.

Additional information

hand circumference

14cm, 15cm, 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm


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