Taiwan Derong Collection|Seiko old materials full of flowers six wood 8mm hand bead type|Raw ore non-dyed gold obsidian


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TIBUKKYO Taiwan Derong Collection|Seiko old material full of flower six wood 8mm hand bead type|Ore ore non-dyed gold obsidian

◎Taipei City welcomes face-to-face delivery/can do a variety of customized collocations
◎Can be sent to Hong Kong, Macau/Singapore and Malaysia, delivered on weekdays, and delivered on the next day
◎Rokudaogi is a medium-low-fat wood. After the early stage, try to play with clean hands, and slowly cover it with the oil on your hands until the pulp is coated. The special full pattern of the old material is more obvious, and the new seed Seiko also has a full pattern.
◎Shop’s requirements for Liudaogi’s construction method:
Due to the high density of hexa wood, it is easy to have cracks when dry grinding with a machine. Seiko uses a half-mechanical and half-manual method to carve beads, paying more attention to the integrity of the channels. On the contrary, if it is an ordinary product, there will be a problem that the holes are not aligned.

"Manhua" means "full grain". It is made of old six wood wood and beaded. The color is darker than that of new seeds, and the grain is clearer.

Many six woods with "green" six lines are new materials, while the mature seeds are brown, denser, and easy to finish. The full flower six woods can be covered with pulp after being plated, which is more brown and bright.

It can be said that Liudaogi is the representative of heavy workmanship! Friends who like to change can play the new seed Liudaomu or Xingyue Bodhi, both of which have a stage of discoloration and patina.

In addition, due to different practices in ancient times, many six-daoki underwent natural dyeing procedures for "cinnabar offering" and "ghee offering". Otherwise, the original color of six-daoki is white, and it will turn brown after the pan is finished.

For more details, please see the "About Me" contact page. You can wholesale Rodwood and customize your favorite Rodwood~

Liudaomu Buddha meaning:
Liudaomu, also known as Jianglongmu. Growing in Wutai Mountain, a Buddhist holy place, each bead has six naturally formed lines, which symbolize the six-character mantra (that is, the six-character mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum) and the meaning of "six paths of reincarnation", which can calm down Exorcism from the house.

For Tibetan Buddhism, blessed by Master Tsongkhapa, the patriarch of the Gelug Sect of the Tantric Yellow Sect, the six white lines represent the six wisdom swords of the Shushu Bodhisattva, which can cut off the troubles of all living beings, and the six paths (six stripes) also represent the six Word Daming Mantra (Guanyin Bodhisattva Heart Mantra): Om Mani Padme Hum, so it is the most ideal rosary for reciting the holy name of Manjushri Bodhisattva, Manjushri Bodhisattva Manjusri and Guanyin Heart Mantra (six-character Daming Mantra). At the same time, in Tantric Buddhism, she is also an ideal rosary for practicing the deity related to Manjusri Bodhisattva. Many monks of Xianzong also like to wear it.

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