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◎The English name of labradorite has different mineral elements, which create its overlapping color halo effect. With the change of light, different color halos are produced, so labradorite is also called "spectral stone". Labradorite has different colors, but like other crystals, clean crystals are the best. It can be seen that the less cotton, impurities, cracks, etc. inside the crystal, the purer the energy of the crystal.


Both Labradorite and Moonstone belong to the feldspar family. You can see a beautiful halo when the crystal is turned gently. The halo colors of labradorite are as follows: Blue light: the best light of Moonstone It is blue light, the halo area is obviously large, and it is of high quality on the front.


Labradorite generally mixes halos of different colors, such as blue-green light, yellow-green light, etc., but the proportions of different colors are different. Generally, the higher the proportion of blue, the better the quality. In addition, even if the labradorite shines beautiful blue light, pay attention to whether the halo is very dim. The brighter the halo of the crystal, the better the quality and energy.

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hand circumference

14cm, 15cm, 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm


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