Taiwan Derong Collection|Exquisite Cook 10mm|Raw ore non-dyed lapis lazuli beads

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Tibukkyo Taiwan Derong Collection|Boutique Cook 10mm
◎Accessories: raw ore undyed lapis lazuli beads
◎Size: 10mm round bead
◎Can be sent directly to Hong Kong, Macau/Singapore and Malaysia
◎Taipei City Welcome Letters Customized Design Matching
◎"Kuka" (kuka), which was previously mistaken for "sea coconut", is actually the fruit of the Brazilian palm tree.


Rosary value:
In the past, most of them were Islamic rosary beads. If you look at foreign auction websites, it is not difficult to see that there are more than 99 beads.

Cultural value:
When it comes to palm trees, everyone's first thought must be that they are oily and durable. Yes, Cooke also has this feature. In addition, Cooke also has a color change process, from yellow to red, without polishing, and it is easy to get translucent.

Additional information

hand circumference

14cm, 15cm, 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm


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