Taiwan Derong Collection|Nepal orthodox phoenix-eyed Bodhi 27 hand-bead-shaped 14mm|Brass Nine Palaces Eight Diagrams Brand


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Taiwan Derong Collection|Nepal orthodox phoenix-eyed Bodhi 27 hand-bead-shaped 14mm|Brass Nine Palaces Eight Diagrams Brand
◎Accessories: Brass Jiugong Eight Diagrams Plaque|Painted red glass beads
◎Can be sent directly to Hong Kong, Macau/Singapore and Malaysia
◎North City welcomes face-to-face delivery and self-pickup, all can be customized by letter LINE: @Lnx5359h
◎"Tibetan water hyacinth, Han Xingyue" water hyacinth is the four bright pearls in the Bodhi world. The orthodox water hyacinth in Nepal is mainly divided into yellow skin and red skin water hyacinth. The color is brighter red. The natural and fully mature water hyacinth, the seeds less than 11mm are very rare, and the price is very high. Most of the ripe fruit seeds fall between 13-15mm, and some people use the jujube pit to call it water hyacinth.

It is recommended to wash your hands or wear it with a cloth, and avoid touching water. The discoloration will change quickly in the early stage. In the later stage, it is recommended to play with the pan for 4 minutes and place it for 6 minutes. Slowly add layers of patina.

Hidden phoenix eyes, Han Xingyue

The original seed Tibetan style - water hyacinth Bodhi rosary, each bead has an eye on it, if opened, there is fruit pulp inside, Dharma King Rinpoche once said that using water hyacinth Bodhi rosary can increase the merit of chanting tens of thousands of times.

It is mainly produced in Nepal at an altitude of 1,000 meters. Now there are also large-scale grafting and planting in the mainland, but the size is small, the new seed buds are prominent, and the quality is far inferior to that produced in Nepal. Eye Bodhi Buddha beads are one of the most respected types of Buddhist beads in Tibetan Buddhism. In Tibetan Buddhism, Bodhi child beads refer to phoenix eye Bodhi beads.

1. Cortex: The cortex of Nepalese water hyacinth is the best and the density is the best in all places of origin, and the density and leather are the most critical factors that directly affect the final effect of the plate and the shell wrapping, which is why only The reason why the water hyacinth in Nepal can be read into a deep maroon color! The water hyacinths made in India will turn black, because only the water hyacinths from Nepal are the most authentic original species, and those from other regions are grafted and inoculated.

2. Size: As I said before, those under 11mm are fried varieties that are picked before they are ripe, but they are expensive. Ninety-nine percent of the normal mature water hyacinth seeds are 13-15 in size. Less than 12mm, less than 16mm

3. Seed size: Because the small water hyacinth is hyped to be very expensive, but the jujube seed is much smaller in size, and the price of some wild jujube seeds is slightly cheaper, so some people sell the wild jujube seed as water hyacinth. Eye specimens are not easy to be deceived.

4. Eye shape: good phoenix eyes, the eye shape should be straight, the eyeliner is clear, and the eyes are slightly raised (try not to be concave)


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