Taiwan Derong Collection|Ice-through full jade clam 108 8mm round beads|Warring States Red Ping An Buckle


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TIBUKKYO Taiwan Derong Collection|Ice-through full jade clam 8mm round beads 108 pieces

Accessories: Warring States Red Ping'an buckle|Persimmon red color full of meat and southern red agate beads|Raw ore non-dyed lapis lazuli beads|Tassel style


◎Can be sent directly to Hong Kong, Macau/Singapore and Malaysia

◎Taipei City welcomes face-to-face self-pickup, customized design by letter

◎ Tridacna is a rare organic gemstone, white as jade, and also a sacred object of Buddhism. Tridacna is the largest marine shell, with a diameter of up to 1.8m. The name Tridacna began in the Han Dynasty. Because there are radial grooves on the surface of the shell, which look like ancient ruts, it is called Chequ. Later generations added stone characters beside the car canal because it was as hard as a stone. Tridacna, pearl, coral, and amber are known as the four organic gemstones in the West. In Chinese Buddhism, gold, silver, colored glaze, agate, pearl, and amber are revered as one of the seven treasures.


Types of clams:

It can be divided into non-jade giant clams (porcelain white), semi-jade giant clams (milk white), full-jade giant clams (translucent white), yellow giant clams [with cracks], blood giant clams, golden silk giant clams and filigree giant clams wait. Among them, filigree and yellow clams, blood clams and jade clams are the most precious. Some "jade" giant clams on the market are added with chemical bleaching agents, which cannot see the texture of the giant clams themselves. It is impossible for two natural clams to be exactly the same.


Tridacna care instructions:

(1) Tridacna is an organic precious mineral, the main component is calcium carbonate, so it cannot be exposed to acid for a long time, and it needs to be washed with clean water regularly to keep its luster.

(2) Do not expose to the sun, it is prone to cracks.

(3) It can be oiled in time for protection.


For more details, please contact "About Me", thank you~ The store also has Xingyue Bodhi/Liu Dao Mu/Lapis Lazuli


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