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Tibukkyo Derong Collection Taiwan Derong Collection|Handwoven|King Kong Festival Knot Bracelet|Boshan Traditional Handmade Golden Flow Green Glass

King Kong Festival:
Diamond knots of different colors have different meanings. For example, white represents karma, and the deities it relies on are Dongfang Fudo Buddha, Guanyin, Medicine Buddha, etc., which can cure diseases and eliminate disasters; yellow represents karma, and the deities it relies on are Southern Baosheng Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha, etc. Increase wealth and lifespan; red represents karma, and the deities it relies on are Amitabha Buddha, Matou Mingwang, Zuoming Buddha Mother, etc. in the West, which can increase power and power; black represents karma, and the deities it relies on are the northern Buddha and King Kong Hand Bodhisattva, Puba Vajra, etc., can subdue demons, ward off evil spirits and defend against enemies; blue represents dharma, because dharma is ultimately peaceful and nirvana, so it is not attached to the above four karma, so it is generally not necessary to wear blue vajra knots. The blue diamond knot we usually see actually has the meaning of black; the last is the five-color diamond knot, which comprehensively represents all the above five karmas.


Qilu Boshan colored glaze:
Colored glaze is not only the five most common types among the seven treasures of Buddhism: gold, silver, colored glaze, clam, and agate, but also an important handicraft material from ancient times to the present. The famous colored glaze craft production area is located in the Qilu area, here Known as "pearl agate emerald, amber glazed street".

In Boshan in the Qilu area, the old name is Yanshen. Since the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, the glass craft has been on the rise. In the product chapter of "Yanshan Miscellaneous Notes" in the early years of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, the craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques of colored glaze are described in detail. Liuli is a work of art made of man-made crystals by lost-wax precision casting. The production process can only be completed through dozens of manual operations, and a slight negligence can cause failure or flaws.

This store also has Xingyue Bodhi/Phoenix Eye Bodhi/coconut shell and Liudaomu, please contact "About Me" Thank you everyone

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