Derong Wenwan Knowledge|Illustrated Warring States Red Agate What is it?



In the Warring States Period, Warring States red agate was mostly used for noble ornaments, sword hilts, bead strings, ring pendants, etc. Warring States Red is a kind of red onyx, named after the place of origin, it can be called "Beipiao Red Onyx". The structure of Warring States Red has the general characteristics of agate, that is, it is mainly wrapped with silk, and the corners are prominent, changing magnificently.

The reason why Warring States Red is famous is mainly because of this color. Warring States Red is brilliant, and it has excellent performance in the most important red and yellow colors. Most of the Warring States Reds have red and yellow colors, and a small part contains other colors, such as purple, white, green, black, etc., and these colors are now classified into variegated colors. In this way, the colors can be divided into red, yellow, white, purple, green and transparent.

Unlike other onyx, its spectrum ranges from scarlet, vermilion to deep red, covering a wide range of color saturation. There are few raw stones with a single solid color in Warring States Red. Even on a raw stone with only red color, many different red colors will appear. Like red, the yellow of Warring States Red also has a wide range of chromaticity, from lemon yellow to orange to earthy yellow, there are many kinds of yellow, and a small amount of yellow will transition to green.