Graphic illustration of Xingyue Bodhi Xuanyue and Yueyan: What is Xingyue Bodhi in "Gaomi First Moon"?


What is Xingyue Bodhi?

"Tibetan phoenix eyes, Han Xingyue" Xingyue Bodhi is the four bright pearls in the Bodhi world, which has the process of changing color, wrapping, and opening. Xingyue Bodhi seed is the seed of yellow vine, because each bead has a large point and many small points, like stars holding the moon, so it is called Xingyue Bodhi. Due to the length of wearing, the color and smoothness of bodhi seeds will also vary. The Xingyue Bodhi Buddha beads not only have the profound meaning of achieving Bodhi, but also have the effect of warding off evil spirits. Wearing the Xingyue Buddha beads can increase wisdom and remove troubles.

"Anle Collection 1" records: "Bodhi is the name of the supreme Buddha." The surface of the Buddha beads is evenly distributed with black spots, and there is a concave circle in the middle, which is shaped like stars supporting the moon. Holding the power of the moon, hence the name Xingyue Bodhi. Known as one of the "Four Famous Pearls" of Bodhi.


The original fruit of Xingyue Bodhi

Xingyue Bodhi is the seed of the tropical plant yellow vine, which is also called red vine fruit. Although the seed skin of Xingyue Bodhi is yellow, after peeling off the shell, the pulp turns black, and after grinding it with sand, it becomes off-white. Hainan Yuanbao seeds are currently recognized as the Xingyue variety with the highest density. The reason why it is called Yuanbao is Because after being ground, the shape is similar to ingots, so it is called ingot seeds.

The reason why the yellow vine fruit is also called the red vine fruit is that if the yellow vine fruit is boiled in boiling water, the boiled water will turn red. The originally white pulp will turn red, hence the name.

  • Yellow vine aliases:Red vine, province vine, vine root, Zheng vine, true white vine, red vine
  • Family:Palmaceae Phyllostachys
  • Latin name:Daemonoropus margaritae Becc varpalawanica
  • distributed:Distributed in tropical Asia from the Indo-China Peninsula to the Malay Archipelago, and Papua New Guinea. There is one species in my country, which is distributed in southeastern Guangdong, Hong Kong, Hainan and southwestern Guangxi. It is cultivated in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.
  • Growth environment:It can be collected in broad-leaved forests at low altitudes to 2,000 meters, and in local mountainous areas.
  • Collection season:Available all year round.







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