[Derong Wenwan Knowledge] How to tell whether lapis lazuli is dyed?

What is lapis lazuli?

Hello everyone, this is TIBUKKYO Taiwan Derong Collection. Today's photo is this group of undyed lapis lazuli 8mm round beads. Lapis lazuli is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, and the color of lapis lazuli is the body color of the pharmacist Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism. The main composition of lapis lazuli is composed of four natural ores. Composed of dark blue Lazulite, white white Sodalite, light blue Hauynite and Noselite. The gold dots on the surface of lapis lazuli are pyrite. The white stripes are because they contain more sodalite, so lapis lazuli is the top grade with less gold, less white, and deep blue.

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What is lapis lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli (English: Lazurite / Lapis Lazuli), "lapis" means "stone" in Latin, and Lazuli means "blue" in Persian. As the name implies, it is a stone with a fascinating and deep blue color. The most unique feature of lapis lazuli is that it is not pure blue, but a dark blue gemstone with golden and white stripes, which is as gorgeous as the Milky Way. The golden debris and irregular white stripes are actually from yellow Iron ore and calcite. Lapis lazuli was considered a "holy stone" by the ancient Egyptians, and it is also the earliest healing stone in human history. So how to distinguish the true and false lapis lazuli? Today I will teach you a relatively simple method of lapis lazuli that you can detect at home.


How to distinguish dyed lapis lazuli?

Many lapis lazulis on the market are baked and dyed. Soak lapis lazuli in alcohol to know whether it is baked or not. If the color fades, it is dyed. And if the lapis lazuli has more gold and more white (more sodalite), it is a defective product with relatively poor quality. On the contrary, if it has less gold and less white, it is a high-grade lapis lazuli. Generally, lapis lazuli is the same as southern red agate. Larger-sized lapis lazuli can achieve less gold and less white. Most lapis lazuli with a size of more than 10mm will have white blocks or white spots on the part of sodalite. .


Many lapis lazulis on the market are baked and dyed. You can soak lapis lazuli in alcohol to know whether it is baked or not. If the color fades, it is dyed. Generally, heavily dyed lapis lazuli will fade immediately when exposed to alcohol, and some lightly dyed and roasted lapis lazuli will not fade immediately after encountering it, but the color difference of dyeing can still be seen after soaking for a period of time. However, this test method is not suitable for frequent testing, because lapis lazuli cannot be exposed to aggressive alcohol for a long time, and it is exposed to the sun for a long time, which will affect the fineness of lapis lazuli.


Distinguish between dyed lapis lazuli and natural undyed lapis lazuli video


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