How to identify the dyeing method of tiger eye stone?

What is Tiger Eye?

Or called tiger eye stone, it is a kind of gemstone with cat's eye effect, mostly yellowish brown, with silk-like light patterns inside the gemstone. Tiger eye is one of the varieties of quartz, which can be made of crocidolite fiber silicon for pseudomorphic replacement. The blue variant produced by the incomplete process of silicification is called "Hawkeye". Generally black and yellow tones, like the pattern of a tiger, there are also blue, yellow and black, called blue opal, and opal is often called "noble gem".

Together with alexandrite, it belongs to one of the five most precious high-end gemstones in the world. Opal is mainly produced in gas-generated hydrothermal deposits and pegmatite veins. Tiger's eye is a variety of alexandrite. The quartz fiber of tiger's eye is shorter than that of lignostone, and the direction is irregular, arranged in any direction like stripes. The world's largest deposits of tiger's eye and alexandrite are located in the Transvaal Province of South Africa. In addition, they are also produced in Brazil and Henan, China. The price also depends on the fineness. Generally, the ones with no blemishes on the surface, clear eyeliner and located in the middle are top grades.

How to tell if tiger eye is dyed?

Tiger eye stone has secrets that cannot be said, and the common one is the problem of baking color. For example, tiger eye stone is born with only two colors, one is yellow and the other is blue tiger eye. What about other red tiger eyes and green tiger eyes? Those are all caused by yellow tiger eyes, which are discolored by high-temperature heating, and there are also problems of high-temperature color addition and natural high-temperature discoloration.

And the yellow tiger eye has a large output, and there is less false color phenomenon. The last thing is, blue tiger eyes. Generally, blue tiger eyes appear dark when there is no light, and even no blue streaks can be seen. However, after being exposed to light, they will appear aqua blue instead of natural color. All of the above discoloration methods can be soaked in alcohol to try it out, and you will know whether it is true or false.

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