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TIBUKKYO Taiwan Derong Collection|6mm Cliff Cypress Beads|Obsidian Beads|Laborite Beads

◎North City welcomes face-to-face delivery and self-pickup, and can be customized for letters and collocations

Thuja wood beads have a sweet, pure and refreshing aroma, and are fragrant wooden beads. The main producing areas are divided into Sichuan materials, Tibetan materials and Taihang materials. Sichuan ingredients are spicy, Tibetan ingredients are bitter, and Taihang ingredients are the most popular production areas. In addition to their high density, they also have a sweet aroma. Everyone also likes the old thuja, which is generally oily and not easy to crack.

◎ Tridacna is a rare organic gemstone, white as jade, and also a sacred object of Buddhism. Tridacna is the largest marine shell, with a diameter of up to 1.8m. The name Tridacna began in the Han Dynasty. Because there are radial grooves on the surface of the shell, which look like ancient ruts, it is called Chequ. Later generations added stone characters beside the car canal because it was as hard as a stone. Tridacna, pearl, coral, and amber are known as the four organic gemstones in the West. In Chinese Buddhism, gold, silver, colored glaze, agate, pearl, and amber are revered as one of the seven treasures.

◎The English name of labradorite has different mineral elements, which create its overlapping color halo effect. With the change of light, different color halos are produced, so labradorite is also called "spectral stone". Labradorite has different colors, but like other crystals, clean crystals are the best. It can be seen that the less cotton, impurities, cracks, etc. inside the crystal, the purer the energy of the crystal.

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