Taiwan Derong Collection|Original undyed white moonstone hand beads 6mm round beads|Myanmar topaz green material|Moonstone


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TIBUKKYO Taiwan Derong Collection|Taiwan Derong Collection|Raw ore non-dyed white moonstone hand beads 6mm round beads|Myanmar topaz green material|Moonstone
◎Accessories: Burmese topaz green material
◎Taipei City welcomes face-to-face delivery/can do a variety of customized collocations
◎Can be sent to Hong Kong, Macau/Singapore and Malaysia, delivered on weekdays, and delivered on the next day
"Moonstone" (Moonstone), also known as Moonstone. It is a spar of the feldspar family (Sunstone/Sunstone, Labradorite, etc. are all spars of feldspar), because moonstone is a mixture of ice feldspar and albite, forming a unique "moonlight effect" that reflects It has a white or blue halo like moonlight, so it is also called moonstone.

There are three halo effects of moon stone: white light, rainbow light and blue light. Moonstones are more common in colorless or white, while moonstones produced in India include orange moonstones and gray moonstones, which have a white halo effect. Most of the moonstones produced in Sri Lanka have a blue halo and are the best quality moonstones. They are also known as blue moonstones/blue moonstones.

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hand circumference

14cm, 15cm, 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm

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